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Brenna Briggs

Brenna Biggs is an eating disorder recovery speaker, mentor, advocate, and writer.  Brenna works as mental health counselor at an eating disorder treatment facility in Massachusetts. She is also the ambassador for the Boston Chapter of Project HEAL and a volunteer with MEDA. 


Brenna is a mom of 2 young daughters and a step daughter. She is passionate about promoting and educating people of all ages about the importance of body positivity and the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. Brenna loves dancing, writing, shopping, romantic comedies, salty snacks (nachos & popcorn) and laughing obnoxiously loud.  Visit Brenna's blog, Beautifully Brave

Alison Sabean

Alison is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and recovery. She loves to write, and has found journaling and writing to be a healing experience throughout her recovery from an eating disorder. She hopes to be a published author, and is working on a book about her recovery.


She graduated from Salem State University in 2015 with a bachelor's in psychology, and returns to the school annually to speak about eating disorders and share her recovery story. Outside of advocating for eating disorder recovery, Alison loves healthy, joyful exercise, socializing with friends and family (including her cat, Tiger), and listening to music (particularly show tunes, pop, and Latin pop)! Her words to live by are, "Life does not put anything in front of you that you cannot handle." - Anonymous. Visit Alison's blog, Nourish to Flourish. 

Siona Stone


Siona Stone graduated from Ithaca College with a BA in Theatre Studies and a minor in Writing. She grew up on the east coast and is so excited to have made Denver her new home. 


Siona identifies as a teacher, writer, photographer, and student of the world. She has a passion for combining the arts with healing and self discovery, and rarely does she let the beasts of her past stand in the way of her belief in magic. Siona cannot wait to share her voice with her readers, and is honored to be part of such an amazing community.  

You can follow Siona's recovery account on Instagram @_Rockyyy_

Blair Thompson


Blair is an eating disorder recovery activist who promotes self-love and self-acceptance. Blair Thompson is currently studying to become a Registered Dietitian who will specialize in eating disorders, intuitive eating and the non-diet approach.


She has been in recovery from an eating disorder for +5 years and is a strong believer in speaking and writing about the stigmas around eating disorders.  Blair enjoys reading and learning about social justice issues especially in the health care field. She also enjoys going on walks and cuddling with her fur babies.  

You can follow Blair's recovery account on Instagram @recoveryeverydamnday

Kelly Keefe


Kelly Keefe is a Reiki Master Teacher & Vibrational Artist who shares her heart in many ways. She is the Founder of Heartspace Healing Academy, an Empowerment & Emotional Mastery Coach, Speaker, Poet and Author of Rise Above Fear: A Guide To Fueling Divine Potential.


Working with several teachers she brings together ancient and indigenous wisdom, spiritual concepts and  truths, science, IQ training, and psychology to help those she works with align with their highest selves creating a reality they desire. 


She lives from the heart supporting humanity to come together to love and rise to our greatest selves. With a decade of experience, and she has worked with several individuals and organizations including The United Nations and WeWork. Kelly is based in NYC, and teaches and works with people around the world.

You can learn more about Kelly's work at

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I am an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach who help peoples heal their relationship with food, their body and themselves.

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If you're interested in working with me for private coaching, group coaching, speaking engagements or other collaborations, please get in touch! Please check out my services page for more information.

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