Join the Break Free From Secrecy Masterclass

The Break Free From Secrecy Masterclass was born out of necessity due to the number of women who have reached out to me saying they've never opened up about their eating disorder to anyone before. They suffer silently, never telling their spouse, parents, friends or other loved ones what they're going through. They feel alone in hiding their behaviors and struggle with food and body image and are not sure what to do. 


Often, the secrecy prevents them from getting the resources and support they need to recover. 

The secrecy keeps them stuck before they even start.

If you're living with an eating disorder in secret, this masterclass is designed for you to break free and start your recovery strong (supported, and with a plan)!

The Break Free From Secrecy Masterclass is a 4-week virtual program to help you build up the courage to ask for help and get the resources you need. Throughout the course, you'll transform into your own recovery advocate!

In the Break Free For Secrecy Masterclass we will:

Get a clear vision on WHY you want to recover and HOW.

 Empower yourself by learning how to ask for help without shame.

 Design a personalized Break Free Plan to finally open up to a loved one about your eating disorder so you no longer have to struggle alone.

Learn about a variety of resources (including free resources) available to support your recovery

Create a Recovery Action Plan so you can start recovery on the right foot!

As a BONUS, you will also get the chance to connect with several other women who are struggling with food and body image. This will give you the opportunity to build powerful friendships and strengthen your support network!

Just by joining this Masterclass you will INSTANTLY break free from the secrecy that's holding you back and increase your chances of full recovery so you can finally let go of your eating disorder.

This program includes:

- Two, 1:1 Coaching calls with Meg McCabe, a Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and Life Coach

-4 weekly group coaching calls with other recovery warriors

-Instant access to the Break Free From Secrecy Facebook Group

-Unlimited text/e-mail support from Meg throughout the month!

Investment: $245.00 

Recovery Youtuber Kate Noel also LOVES the BFFS Masterclass!

(We collaborated on her recent video together)!

Let's start your recovery journey together.

Class starts on 11/26/19!

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I am an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach who help peoples heal their relationship with food, their body and themselves.

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If you're interested in working with me for private coaching, group coaching, speaking engagements or other collaborations, please get in touch! Please check out my services page for more information.

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