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How to Overcome Negative thoughts (part 2)

May 18, 2017


First of all, I’m sorry that I’ve been picking on shitty cover bands lately- I promise there is a dive bar for all of them somewhere on Fenway.  (For the sake of this metaphor I’m sticking with the title though)!


Much like music played by a shitty cover band, we don’t want to listen to negative thoughts any more that we have to, especially during recovery. In my last post, I provided a strategy on how to actively change your negative thoughts by picking better ones.


But to keep going with my mediocre metaphor here,  what if you’ve fallen so far down the negativity rabbit-hole that now your brain is at the front row of a sh*tty cover band festival and you’re stuck listening to a group of drunk middle aged white men in Ed Hardy t-shirts sing a two hour Katie Perry set? 


What I’m saying here is that sometimes the negative thoughts get really, really bad and you feel like they’ll never end. Sometimes, the strategy in my previous post can’t stand a chance and you’re stuck beating yourself up for hours or even days.


Thankfully there's another option for you, and it is called "breaking state.”


Ever notice how all your worries of the day can disappear with a hot shower? Or how checking your phone can end an awkward conversation at a networking event? Or how leaving the office to take  a walk can make you less pissed sometimes?


Well, this is what I mean by “breaking state.” When you’re stuck in a rut of negativity, you need to break state by switching things up to improve the mood and redirect your attention. The best way to break state, in my opinion, is make a change to your environment. Here are some ideas:


1)Take a shower

2)Go for a run

3)Call a friend

4)Engage in a conversation 

5)Listen to upbeat music

6)Have a dance party in your living room

7)Watch stand-up

8)Jump into the ocean

9)Listen to a podcast

10)Take deep breaths for 1 minute

11)Change into a ballgown (or your favorite outfit)


This is a simple post because the art of breaking state is extremely easy.


If you consciously decide to “break state” your options are limitless. It might take a few tries before you know which strategies work best for you but I find this to be a great solution to boost your mood and reenergize after a terrible negativity binge. 


 Xox Meg

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