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Why I'm Obsessed with Affirmations

March 1, 2019

When I first started coaching, I had trouble charging my clients ANY money to work with me. In life coach trainings, I would cry about deeply rooted money fears. Just thinking about money made me feel insecure, unworthy and unsafe. I’d dread having any conversations about money; even simple ones like splitting the bill with friends at a restaurant made me cringe a tiny bit.


When I was starting my business at age 24, you could imagine how difficult it was for me to talk to potential clients about making payments. At that point, I was just offering free coaching sessions and hoping I’d prove to them that paying me would be worth every penny. Needless to say, I had a lot of work to do on my money mindset.


But at that point I didn’t even know what a money mindset really was. Until one day I came across a free training by Emily Williams of I Heart My Life Now. In the training, she explained that a money mindset is the general collection of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about money that are all usually developed subconsciously throughout childhood. I remember how Emily told the story of when she started her business, she also had to change he money mindset. To do this, she listened to money affirmations over, and over, and over. She certainly sounded like she had cured her money woes, fast. So I paid attention.


Desperate to change, I clicked on the affirmations link she generously provided and listened to these affirmations everywhere I could. In the shower, on the subway, walking around Astoria, cooking, cleaning my apartment, etc. The recorded voice was ominous and kind of brain-washy; maybe even a bit cheesy. The thing was, I didn’t care. I was grasping for strings, trying to heal these obvious money wounds that had recently surfaced as I was becoming an entrepreneur.


In her training, Emily mentioned that you don’t need to fully believe affirmations to listen to them, you just have to want to believe them. So, even when the affirmations sounded a little far-fetched or woo-woo to me, I decided to trust that they would bring a better mindset.


After listening to them, subtle shifts started happening. First, I was better able to recognize limiting money beliefs and fearful money thoughts when I had them. I could also recognize the negative money beliefs of my friends and loved ones during casual conversation or in passing comments they made. These were all new observations to me, like I was seeing the world through a clearer lens.


Listening to the money affirmations was like installing a money mindset alert system into my brain. Whenever a negative money belief would appear, I could clearly identify it, and then have more powerful, healthy money beliefs at my disposal to think instead (thanks to the affirmations). As a result, my thinking changed and I no longer had a problem charging clients for services. Now, I actually love talking about money, and have a much better handle on my finances.  I’m still working my money mindset, but the affirmations truly showed me a better way to think. The change was massive, rapid and emotionally painless. 


This is why I love affirmations and why I’m almost obsessed with writing them on my own. 


Since then, I’ve written two affirmations recordings that you can listen to for free on Soundcloud. I wrote one of them (Love & Compassion Affirmations) three years ago. The recording is poor quality and I never posted it on social media, but somehow has a decent number of listens. I think that means they’re not bad! The Love & Compassion affirmations were made to help people stop judging others, and the just navigate their lives with more lovingly.


The second recording, Eating Disorder Recovery Affirmations, are actually great for anyone who struggles with food and body image. I send this recording to all of my clients, and they play them to help get through urges or just to strengthen their healthy self. 


If you look through the recordings section of my phone, I’ve written affirmations for all things I’ve wanted to heal or change. I’ve written everything from relationship affirmations to clear skin affirmations, to productivity affirmations, all based on the thoughts and fears I want to change. My relationship is strong, my skin is clear, and heck, I'm decently productive!


What kind of affirmations would you like me to write next?






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