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Releasing Emotions to Liberate Our Hearts

June 3, 2019

Feeling our emotions is so in these days! Okay, well maybe it isn’t as trendy as all white outfits, but the word is starting to get out about how powerful it is to begin to embrace our emotions and connect more with our inner world to transform ourselves into something that looks and feels more in alignment with what our heart desires.


In a nutshell, we are the creators of our reality. With every thought and emotion, we create the series of experiences we have. With this important truth being known, this can start to get really fun as we bring attention to emotions to support us rather than hinder us in the advancement of self-mastery and manifestation. It is important to spend time and grasp the underlying power that emotions have on how we dance through life. Once we have this understanding, we can expand to utilizing the power we hold within ourselves to craft things that feel really yummy.




On the journey of emotional mastery, we get to explore and develop a competency of the emotions that are popping up from our subconscious mind. On my own journey and in supporting others on theirs, I use the modalities of reiki, ceremonial cacao, & intuitive guidance to open the heartspace, tap into the subconscious mind and release lower vibrations that are blocks in the operating system.  Emotions can be a powerful navigation tool once we have cleared the murky remains from past traumas and stories lodged in our bodies. Creating space and listening to the heart is the most efficient road map to fulfillment and abundance.


So how do we exactly get out of the head and listen to the heart?


Let’s start with a very simple but profound practice. Our heart is always ready to share the wisdoms of our true self; we just need to give them the chance to speak.


1) Find a space and a time where you can be quiet and with yourself. Perhaps even turning off your phone for a little bit so you can fully disconnect from everything and everyone but yourself.


2) Set your space. Light a candle, burn smudge if you like, dance around a bit – whatever feels good to you to have your space feel sacred, warm, and welcoming. 


3) Settle in and breathe. Let yourself get into a meditative state of relaxation. Simply observe the breath moving in and out of the nose, down into the belly and then back out again. Give yourself the permission to fully relax (sometimes we genuinely need to remind ourselves that we have permission to relax).


4) When ready, place your hands on your heart and open the space for conversation. “Hello, heart. I am here. I am listening”. Say this a few times and allow your heart to speak when it is ready. If you don’t hear a response for a bit – don’t get discouraged. For so long we have not been giving them the chance to speak, so it can take some time. But I promise keep breathing and letting your heart know you are there and you are listening – they will share what it is that you need to hear in this moment.


5) Thank your heart for sharing with you what it is that you need to hear and know in this moment. Honor it. Perhaps take some time to journal your experience and what you received and how you are feeling. Your practice is now complete.


Impacting the Mental & Physical Health:


Every emotion carries energy within it. When we are not able to get in touch with those emotions, they become suppressed. Emotions are not able to leave the physical or energetic body until we have embraced them and released them. When we don’t tend to the emotions and past traumas that are being held in our body, we will then begin to see physical manifestations of these unfelt emotions in the form of ailments.

Unaddressed emotions that are being stored create blockages which in time communicate with us as physical ailments and conditions. The body is an amazing communicator and is brilliant at helping us to understand what is happening in our external lives through speaking to us through our body. Small physical symptoms such as aches and pains, headaches, and lower back pain without a definable cause, could be a call to attention to explore what emotions or experiences you have not allowed yourself to sit and deal with.


For example:


Neck and shoulder pain has an association with a sense of too much responsibility or burdens.


Lower back pain has an association with financial and basic need stress.

Ankle pain has a tendency to be a call to attention to indecision that is occurring in your life.


These are a few examples of how we can begin to communicate with our body to learn more of what is happening in our inner-world and emotions.


Physical ailments and conditions such as depression, anxiety, muscle and joint pain, back pain, autoimmune diseases, and cancer are all examples of conditions that could be the result of repressed emotions. This is not because the intention is to cause harm to you. This is simply the energy has nowhere else to go, and so it has become a mass which is driving your experience and vibration.


So what do we do with this information? We begin to allow ourselves to feel. We begin to allow our heart to share with us it’s truth. We trust what they have to say and make decisions that honor its needs. We work with trusted guides, teachers, and therapists who can support us in doing the work of feeling the emotions moving through us of the present and the past.


Doing our inner-work and priming ourselves into the diamonds that we truly are is the fashion statement of the year! Time to shine, beauties!




About Kelly:


Kelly Keefe is a Reiki Master Teacher & Vibrational Artist who shares her heart in many ways. She is the Founder of Heartspace Healing Academy, an Empowerment & Emotional Mastery Coach, Speaker, Poet and Author. You can learn more about Kelly and the rest of the Blog Squad here.


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