Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies you as a coach?

  • As an person who has fully recovered from an eating disorder and negative body image, I utilize the success of my personal recovery to help my clients heal.  In addition to My professional certifications include:

    • Certified Life Coach 

    • Certified Crisis Counselor

    • Executive Board Member and Communities of Healing Lead for Project Heal (Boston)

    • Trained in Advanced Neuro-linguistic Programming by NLP Marin

....and most importantly, I'm a fully healed and resilient recovery warrior, dedicated to serving you and the rest of your recovery team!

Do you only work with people who are diagnosed eating disorders?

  • No. I am also a Life Coach for people who resonante with my story, personality and blog. If you want to work with me I encourage you to schedule a 20 minute consultation using the contact form below.

  • I also work with people who struggle with food, eating and their body. You can be diagnosed with an eating disorder, or perhaps you think you might have one. Maybe you know you don't have one and still have some struggles you'd like to work on. In any case, I can help.

Are you a therapist and can I use this as a substitute for treatment?

  • I am NOT a therapist or doctor, so if you have an active diagnosed eating disorder, you must consult or work with a qualified eating disorder professional while participating in my recovery program. I encourage all clients to connect me to their recovery team before we start working together.

  • Coaching is NOT a substitute for therapy or treatment.

Why is are your programs a certain number of weeks?

  • We cannot control how soon you will heal. I've seen slow progress and I've seen rapid change. Breaking down limited beliefs can take diligence and sustained mindfulness or it can take one new thought to serve as a catalyst to change. The key is persistence and commitment. I want you to keep coming to your sessions to face your fears, even during the difficult parts of the recovery process. After you have completed the program, we can renew our client agreement as needed. No recovery journey is the same!

What is the advanced coaching support opt-in?

  • A valuable part of my coaching is that you may choose advanced coaching support. As a trained crisis counselor, I can make myself available via text or call between coaching sessions when you might be experiencing a strong urge to engage in an Eating Disorder behavior. Advanced support coaching requires an additional cost. You must be participating in the virtual or local coaching program to be eligible for advanced coaching support. Depending on coach availability, limitations apply.

How do I sign up?

  • Send me a message using the form below so we can set up your first appointment!

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I am an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach who help peoples heal their relationship with food, their body and themselves.

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If you're interested in working with me for private coaching, group coaching, speaking engagements or other collaborations, please get in touch! Please check out my services page for more information.

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